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Hey y'all! I'm so happy you're here! My name is Mariah and I'm located in Clarksville, TN! I'm a military spouse and veteran! I have three beautiful boys who are the reason behind my photography business! I fell in love with motherhood and all the beauty that comes with it! Motherhood can be exhausting and overwhelming and our minds are constantly racing to remember things that at times it's hard to be in the moment, to be present! But I'm here to help with that! When I had my first child, my body had changed so much that I was no longer comfortable in front of the camera! I have a handful of photos with me actually in them from the time he was born until he was one! I promised myself after I had my second that I would not make the same mistake. My own journey is what sparked me to capture yours! I specialize in photographing Motherhood in its true form! Many of us are battling with body image , postpartum and we have little time for self care, which is why I’ve created the process I have now! I help you through all the planning and selecting! I  have a small client closet but if you can’t find something you like in it, I offer virtual styling and will help you plan out every detail of the session! I'm here to make the process easier for you because at the end of the day as much as you want these, your kids will be truly grateful for them as well! 


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